Hismith Pro Traveler, discrete draagbare seksmachine met afstandsbediening en lichaamsveilige KlicLok-systeemdildo

Hismith Pro Traveler, discrete draagbare seksmachine met afstandsbediening en lichaamsveilige KlicLok-systeemdildo

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  • Multi-hoek: 0 ~ 90 graden hoekaanpassing om aan uw verschillende geslachtsposities te voldoen.
  • Afstandsbediening: draagbare stotende seksmachine met afstandsbediening voor eindeloos handsfree plezier.
  • Krachtige zuignap: stevige zuignapvoet plakt op de meeste vlakke oppervlakken.
  • N-charge motor: aangedreven door 24v/2a gecertificeerde voeding, biedt veel koppel.
  • Wordt geleverd met een siliconen dildo van 6,8 inch (17,3 cm).

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Aangedreven door 12V/2A DC-voeding.
Professionele machinemotor, duurzaam en krachtig, wild zoals je je voorstelt, nooit gestopt voor weerstand. Kernkracht zorgt ervoor dat je het hoogtepunt bereikt.

Instelbare hoek
Je kunt de hoek van 0 tot 120 graden veranderen door de knop te verstellen.Geniet van talloze positiemogelijkheden en de snelheid van penetratie.
De seksmachine heeft een zeer sterke zuignap, je kunt hem op de gladde oppervlaktewand plaatsen voor handsfree spelen.

Erg stil
Het geluid van de liefdesmachine is minder dan 50dB tijdens het werken.
Alleen je gekreun wordt eerder gehoord dan de Hismith-seksmachine, dus geniet met overgave van je privétijd. Smeer het wanneer het luidruchtig werd.

Verschillende Hismith-machineaccessoires zullen je verschillende seksplezier bezorgen.
Revolutionaire achthoekige connectortechnologie zorgt voor een snelle verbinding en ontgrendeling voor uw hulpstukken. Stabieler dan andere connectorsystemen. Zeg nee tegen rotatie.


Ingang: AC 100-240V 50-60HZ
Uitgang: 12V 1.5/2.0A
RMP: 3700
Batterij van afstandsbediening: AAA-batterij (niet inbegrepen)
Afstand op afstand: 10m
Knopinstructie: lang indrukken 2s
Frequentie: drie snelheden, 6 modellen frequentie.
Productgrootte: 41 * 23,5 * 23,5 cm / 16,5 * 9,25 * 9,25 inch;
Siliconen dildo: totale lengte van 6,8 inch, inbrengbare dildo van 6,3 inch, omtrek 4,35 inch, diameter 1,38 inch


Achterste positie Doggy Style met partner of solo
Opwaartse positie Overheadstijl met partner of solo
Staande hoekstijl - Missionaire positie met partner of solo
Low Boy Style - gebruik op je bed vanuit de achterste positie


1 x Pro-reiziger
1 x 6,8 "siliconen dildo
1 x gecertificeerde voeding
1 x afstandsbediening
1 x Kliclok naar Quick Air Adapter


1. Probeer de stuwkrachtdiepte niet aan te passen wanneer de machine werkt.
2. Bevestig dat u de knop hebt vastgeschroefd voordat u de machine start.
3. We raden u aan de eerste keer de gemiddelde diepte te gebruiken en geleidelijk aan de diepte te wennen.
4. Gebruik 1% benzalkonium, bromide of 75% medische alcohol om te desinfecteren, voordat u het gebruikt.
5. Het is noodzakelijk om wat glijmiddel te gebruiken om uw seksuele ervaring te verbeteren.


Meer productinformatie, raadpleeg onze producthandleiding en uw officiële website.
We raden u aan om etiketten, waarschuwingen en aanwijzingen te lezen voordat u het gebruikt of consumeert.



The suction cups loses its grip win in few weeks, I have written to the customer services, they sent mr another suction cup but agin its lost its grip with in few days of hardly using it. It doesn't work with out the suction cup , don't know what to do, very disappointing I must say . The settings are vey confusing, only one setting is better, the speed is just ok. I agree its easy to carry and store. Within few weeks , I may need to look for other types of machines.

    Fantastic Little Fucking Machine

    This is a superb little fucking machine and one that has now come with me on a holiday so I can confirm that it is perfect as a travelling companion. The included silicone dildo is sublime, and I love the thrusting modes that can be changed on the fly, so quickly with the remote control. I give it a huge thumbs up and love this little machine.

    • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

    Loads of fun on the go!!! All pun intended!

    Very elegant design compact and has a powerful thrust I love the machine

    • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

    Highly recommended it changed the sex toy game up for me

    The suction is amazing and it has so many speeds it was definitely worth it

    • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

    Works perfectly, portable, discrete.

    Works great! Very small & discrete. Easy to put away & keep hidden. Simple to put together.

    • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

    I love it!

    I've always wanted a sex machine but they were always too large to hide from my parents. This one is small enough that I can just go ahead and put it under my bed with all of my other toys. I haven't used it yet but from my first impressions this thing looks absolutely amazing and I can't wait to use it and update this review!

    • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

    Sticks well to smooth surface and will support larger toys.

    The item was as described. The stroke length is 1.8"/ 4.6 cm. The suction cup will hold well for the 6.8" x 1.38"dia dildo. As well used a large dildo and it supported it and still would stroke just fine.
    This unit is a Pro Traveller compact unit for travel. It is hard to compare it to a full size, 6"stroker unit that Hismith sells as well.
    The unit will fit in any suitcase, as well as carry on if one wanted to do that. The remote works very well with multiple stroke variations with the fixed stroke length of 1.8". Would purchase for a travel unit.

    • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

    Beautiful Toy - Get One for Her

    It is one of those nights: he came, as usual, she didn't. He tried to make up, she assures him that all she wanted was just a cuddle. He fell asleep, she lying there awake. Deep inside, below even her own conscious, she wanted that big O....M..G. moment, radiating between her thighs and shaking the entire body. This is why you need to get her one of these toys, even though she will insist that she doesn't want one.

    Don't let "machine" in the name turn you off. It is very well made, with very high quality finish. It feels velvety, especially the part that goes inside (wink). The entire package feels more like a high-end hair dryer. The size is right, I will prefer it to be more rigid. The stroke is deep, forceful, and satisfying, not vibration, which only scratches the surface. There are many rhythms, but the most useful one is the default.

    The suction disk attaches well to smooth surface, like wood floor or mirrors (but not tile). It can be on the floor, and one kneels down and strides it. For the more adventurous, attach it to the mirror on the headboard, and put your legs on top. Be sure to ask your woman if she wants you to be around when using it. Everyone is different.

      Good buy

      Well made product
      Excellent customer service

        Ill sell myself for one of these

        Who wants to buy me one if you've seen me ask on something else oh well what can I say I'm young horny and I've always fantasized about these things I think they're a better idea than pocket pussys and I like pussy too but anybody who buys me one I'll be your personal whatever u want me to be for a week

          Accurate description!

          Great product and overall quality. She loves it!

            I would rate this 5 out of 5

            My wife and I love this love machine! More than enough power and speed! We used it on her and used the stroker on me. We definitely recommend it! I would rate this 5 out of 5 for all parts of it as I love the way it turns her on and leaves her a quivering mess. She would rate it 10 out of 5. I hope that helps you in your purchase.

              I had to change my sheets.

              I also had to change my pen name on HISMITH. This machine is 100% worth the money. I wondered when I bought this as a present to myself if I would be happy or if this would be another embarrassing HISMITH return. I will absolutely not be returning this.
              It was a little tricky to get set up and ready to go, so definitely don't do this if you're impatient. build it with the intent of using it later. It sticks really well to tiled floors, hardwood floors, bedside tables, and dining chairs. it doesn't stick well to the wall, but with all the other options, why would you need it? It's fully adjustable, so even installing it on a bedside table, you can angle it however you need.
              The dildo it comes with is nice, big and flexible. It feels very realistic. I can't wait to try some other add-ons.
              The machine has a remote, so once you've positioned it perfectly and you're in the middle of play, you don't need to fumble around for a button. It's a really nice feature that I didn't think about until I had it.
              And, of course, the pleasure is incomparable to anything I've used before. I needed this is my bedroom.

                THE BEST!!!

                The best thing about this toy is how much it gets done despite the size. Most sex machines are really big & moist which is why I’ve never purchased one but this toy is small enough to easily keep tucked away somewhere. The suction works really well & the dildo portion is a nice size to start with one drawback of the machine is the noise, while it’s quieter compared to other machines there’s still a bit of noise but I don’t think it is able to be heard behind closed doors

                • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

                Hits the spot

                Well, it definitely works, There are so many different settings, speeds and patterns to chose from, so pretty much anyone can find their favorite. The suction cup holds great (thankfully!). Silicone is soft and non-abrasive.

                • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

                Very quiet

                Girlfriend seems to love it when im gone

                  Perfect & easy

                  My partner luvs when I use this toy.... Great quality!

                    Best orgasms of my life.

                    It has brought a whole new meaning to my anal sex! So much more enjoyable than before. Great for those who want to play. Very comftable and easy to assemble :) It is very solid, allowing many different games and fun for long time. This sex machine is fun to use and works well....all in all money well spent. Would recommend. Looking for more dildos to mix it up! Thanks for a great machine.What more can I say really lol

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                      Hismith Pro Traveler, discrete draagbare seksmachine met afstandsbediening en lichaamsveilige KlicLok-systeemdildo

                      Hismith Pro Traveler, discrete draagbare seksmachine met afstandsbediening en lichaamsveilige KlicLok-systeemdildo

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