Hismith APP-styret sexmaskine med fjernbetjening og silikonedildo

Hismith APP-styret sexmaskine med fjernbetjening og silikonedildo


New product

  • 1 års garanti, vi har professionel kundeservice til at løse eventuelle problemer.
  • Kraftig og holdbar motor, giver op til 240 RPM pålidelig fremdrift
  • Opdateret version med App-chip og controller, andre kan styre den, uanset hvor langt du er
  • Justerbar slaglængde på 1,2 til 6 tommer (3 til 15 cm)
  • Vinkel- og højdejusterbar, tilgængelig til alle kønsstillinger
  • Meget støjsvag motor, laver mindre end 50dB støj ved fuld hastighed
  • Solid konstruktion, forbliver solidt på plads, mens du nyder den i aktion
  • Kompatibel med mange premium-tilbehør, velegnet til mænd og kvinder

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More details

£ 499.00

-£ 50.00

£ 549.00

49 . 49 £ 9.80.

Data sheet

Weight11.5 kg (25 lb)
MaterialStainless steel & ABS
Input110 V - 250 V / 50 - 60 HZ
OutputDC 24V/4.2A (safety voltage)
Motor max power100 W
Speed0-240 RPM
Torque300 N⋅cm
Stroke Length1.2-6 inches (3-15 cm)
Noise30-50 dB
ConnectorKliclok Connector
Remote control distance20 m
Package Size46.8 * 26 * 44.9 cm
Package Including1 × premium sex machine
1 × portable nylon bag
1 × wired controller
1 × APP and remote controller
1 × 8"(21 cm) silicone dildo

More info

Samlet set:

Motorstyrke (drejningsmoment): 100W, 300N.cm drejningsmoment | Slaglængde: 1,2-6” (3-15 cm) | Hastighed: 0-240 RPM | Vægt: 25 lbs (11,5 kg) | Garanti: 1 års maskine, 2 års motor | Justerbar højde / positioner: 90 grader + højde | Ekstra gave: 8” realistisk dildo + bærbar taske


1. Lang slaglængde: Med en justerbar slaglængde på 1,2 til 6 tommer (3 til 15 cm), kan du hurtigt justere den, så den passer til din spillestil ved at bruge låseskruen.

2. Kraftig motor: Motoren er både kraftfuld og holdbar, den pløjer gennem enhver modstand og giver pålidelig fremdrift, når du har mest brug for det. Med 100W, 300N.cm drejningsmoment og 0-240 RPM hastighed er du sikker på at nyde din tur.

3. Justerbar vinkel og højde: Med hurtig og nem justering af både højde (10-50cm) og vinkel (0-90 grader), kan du hurtigt indstille maskinen, så den rammer plet. Hurtig og nem montering betyder mere tid til leg og mindre tid til at bygge.

4. Meget stille: Det lave støjniveau på mindre end 50 dB betyder, at du kan slappe af og nyde vores maskiners meget stille natur. Selv ved fuld hastighed er motoren mere støjsvag end en HP-printer! Dine naboer er mere tilbøjelige til at høre dig i stedet for maskinen.

5. Robuste ben: Vores solide konstruktion giver en stabil platform med en vægt på over 4 kg. Det betyder, at din maskine forbliver på plads, mens du nyder den i aktion.

6. Præcis controller: Avanceret elektrisk kontrolsystem, vil lade dig justere hastigheden op eller ned jævnt og præcist. Med 10 hastighedsmønstre at nyde og en 20m plus fjernbetjeningsafstand giver dig flere spillemuligheder.

7. App-styret: Hismith opdaterede hardware og software denne gang, nu kan du nyde langdistancefunktionerne til at pifte tingene op ved at lade din partner styre dit legetøj, uanset hvor langt du er.

8. Tilføjelser: Maskinen kommer med en 8" realistisk silikonedildo og er kompatibel med mere tilbehør og forlængelser med Kliclok stik. Vi har også vac-u-lock og sugekop adaptere til at passe til flere dildoer på markedet.

9. Diskret og sikker pakke: Maskinen vil blive pakket i en brun æske uden noget følsomt indhold. Det putter sig inde i stift laserskåret emballageskum i lag. Dette holder alt sikkert på plads, samtidig med at det beskytter det på rejsen til dig og andre steder.

10. Forpligtelse af høj kvalitet: Vi giver 1 års garanti for maskinen og 2 års garanti for motoren. Alle maskiner er lavet af materialer af høj kvalitet og gennemgår strenge kvalitetsinspektioner, inden de sælges.

Best machine on the market

This is a great product! Here are the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision.

Life as a independent product tester can sometimes be hard.... but in this case, it wasn't hard enough with one of the three dildos we purchased for testing. Costumer service is however, the best I've ever encountered. Swift reply, they resolved the issue with the dildo with erection difficulties (yes, that was an odd e-mail to send...) in less than 12 hours and just an overall great experience. To prevent you having this issue: Make sure you buy a firm dildo (like the pink one) if you're tight, to prevent the dildo from escaping, because some of them can bend when encountering resistance. This problem wasn't the case for the one that came with the machine though, and only for one out of four of the attachment, so don't let this put you off. Because if you do, you'll miss out on the best product in this price range on the market.

The pros: It really works perfectly, and it's a life saver for people with disabilities. It's quiet and well designed and very versatile. Insane thrusting power. It's even easy to hide from the cleaner as it comes in a really handy case (good thing cause she's already been traumatized enough by other forgotten items). These folks will be getting our recommendations indefinitely, as this is clearly the best product out there. And yes, others have been tested, but no one lives up to this one. It even beats some of the really expensive ones.

The machine itself struggles a bit with...tight openings, as it will move back a bit, but if you put something heavy at the base it won't move back at all. This is important, otherwise you'll spend two hours playing the chasing the dildo game. If you're petite with a really short vagina I can imagine that the range of motion will be a bit too much (use a firm dildo like the one that comes with and it won't be an issue since it's easy to adjust), but for 98% of women this will be appreciated. This is the only downside I can think of to this machine, but it's easily mended. All in all: A great buy.

Worth it

Wife likes it. I like her liking it. Worth the money.

Best decision made purchasing this product

I have quite a few things to say and they are ALL positive. The setup was easy, packaging was discreet, and I’m very satisfied for what I paid for. I would highly recommend this machine. The directions were very easy to follow and i would def take a second to also look into Hismuths other products that are compatible with the machine

Awesome machine!

Amazing machine! Wish we would have bought this years ago!

Great Sex Machine

Just got this machine and WOW played with it most of the night,WOW, used BIG TOYS and the power was there to thrust in & out, got over the edge many times & well ready for my well hung BF later on. After he enjoyed watching me go for another couple of rides and I did other things for him.

Your going to call in sick to work

hands down absolutely best sex toy I ever invested in. I've been very skeptical I've been searching online for a few months I finally took the risk because I've been spending well over $100 sometimes on dildos and still got to do the work NOT ANY MORE

I'm Totally Addicted!

I've used dildo's for years and thought they could never get better. Boy was I wrong. I was first a skeptic, how good could these really be? After researching different machines I settle on this one. There are a few little quirks but once you work your way around them it's a fuck of a lifetime. I use a Jeff Stryker dildo. First session, 3 hours, multiple orgasms. Later that night, another 1 1/2 hours. Never came so hard in my life. Word of advice, find a really good lube!! I recommend a hybrid lube that is designed for fisting.

Great Product Worst Shipping

The product is good quality and easy to assemble. How ever shipping is worse than Wish so if you are in a hurry to get it go somewhere else. I made several inquiries and was just given the run around.

Hismith APP-styret sexmaskine med fjernbetjening og silikonedildo

Hismith APP-styret sexmaskine med fjernbetjening og silikonedildo