Hismith prisbillig automatisk kneppemaskine til analsex med 5 3XLR dildoer

Hismith prisbillig automatisk kneppemaskine til analsex med 5 3XLR dildoer

New product

Funktion: Leveres med 5 kropssikre dildoer og 2 forlængerstænger, velegnet til analsex.
Kraftfuld: Med op til 450 RPM motorhastighed, stryger den 0-180 gange i minuttet, giver dig flere og ultimative seksuelle orgasmer.
Justerbar: Både hastighed og vinkel er nemme at justere, du kan til enhver tid bestemme din yndlingshastighed og -position.
Stille: Den maksimale støj er mindre end 60dB ved fuld hastighed, det er umuligt for din nabo at høre det fungere.
Stabil: 4 foldbare sugekopper hjælper med at sikre maskinen, giver dig en ny flot blanding og kollision af krop og sjæl.
Køb med tillid: Vi giver 6 måneders garanti; og maskinen kommer i en diskret pakke for at beskytte dit privatliv.

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£ 144.00

-£ 10.00

£ 154.00

14 . 14 £ 2.80.

Data sheet

MaterialMetal & Plastic
Input110-250 V, 50-60 HZ
OutputDC 12-24 V, 1 A
Motor max power24 W
Speed450 RPM
Torque60 N⋅cm
Stroke Length2.4" (6 cm)
Noise30-60 dB
Connector3XLR Connector
Package Size14.6 × 7.1 × 5.9 inches (37 × 18 × 15 cm)
Package Including1 × Grundlæggende sexmaskine
1 × Kablet hastighedsregulator
1 x 7,9" (20 cm) PVC-dildo
1 x 9"(23cm) PVC-Dildo
1 x 7,9" (20 cm) realistisk dildo
1 x 8,5" (21,6 cm) sort dildo
1 x 7,9" (20 cm) Slank anal dildo
1 x 11,8" (30 cm) fleksibel forlængerstang
1 x 10" (25 cm) forlængerstang

More info

Samlet set:

Motorstyrke (drejningsmoment): 24W | Slaglængde: 2,4" (6 cm) | Hastighed: 0-450 RPM | Vægt: 5,1 lb (2,3 kg) | Garanti: 6 måneder | Justerbar højde/positioner: 85 grader + højde | Funktion: Anal + vagianal sex

Kraftig motor: Denne automatiske sexmaskine vil give ustoppelig penetration. Du er lovet at få den seksuelle nydelse, du aldrig har oplevet.

Justerbar vinkel: Vinklen og højden er justerbare, så den er i stand til at ramme punktet, uanset hvilken kønsposition du kan lide.

Meget stille: Det er ikke højt, selv ved fuld hastighed, det betyder, at du kan slappe af og nyde det. Dine naboer er mere tilbøjelige til at høre dig i stedet for maskinen.

4 sugekopper: Fire sugekopper lader sexmaskinen absorberes tæt på en glat overflade, men den er ikke egnet til for store ting.

3XLR-stik: Der er massive dildoer og tilbehør, der er kompatible med denne grundlæggende sexmaskine hos Hismith, så du kan udforske dit yndlingslegetøj her.

Kvalitetsforpligtelse: Vores produkter har bestået CE-certificeringen, og vi giver seks måneders garanti.

Diskret pakke: Alle vores produkter vil blive pakket i diskrete pakker uden noget følsomt indhold.

Are You Kidding Me!!

OMG, mine arrived today in perfect packaging and as promised it delivered! I was amazed how fast it came and how much it made me cum with many assgasms! The packaging was perfect as well. My favorite dildo of them all is the knobby black wide one, it made me scream with Exstacy I highly recommend this little monster and so looking forward to it continuing to train my tight ass!


    hi this machine and accessories are truly excellent value for money. Can not fault it does what it says clearly in the description.
    Do agree with previous reviewers that some dildos are soft and not firm enough for pleasure but it is an introduction model with dildos to suit. It arrived about a week after order and tried it out straight away got my fun well better than had hoped. Have now got a bigger and thicker dildo with different attachment that I love as it gives me what I really want. A great inexpensive machine to buy folks.

    Good but

    Good fun machine but
    The one usable dildo is the skin coloured one the purple is quite flimsy the medium size has a "sharp" line.

    I did order a double dong seperat which is excelent. Regretfully tiy would need an additional attachment attachment to use that one while on hands and knees.

    I also was told that when ordering an attachment rod I could stipulate this to be a flexible one , however the standard rod arrived. I would recommend to buy a stand alone machine and pick attachments by review

    Best value for money

    I owned one similar that I bought from America, it packed up on me last month, saw the Hismith and thought i'd try, fantastic fucking machine,cannot believe the price I paid over $400over four years ago :)

    so pleased with my purchase

    so pleased with my purchase, quick delivery, great customer service, the machine is great quality and not plasticy like some toys, i might treat myself to Hismith

    excellent qualit y

    accurate and product with excellent qualit y. seller always keeping in touch

    Amazing. Honestly

    5 stars is simply not enough. Worth the purchase. Amazing. Honestly.


    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I’ve never had orgasms like it! Great quick delivery, brilliant price! Thank you!

    Solid value.

    It is very stable for its size but suction cups suck. Low on power when running it at its slowest speed but as soon as you increase to a slightly higher rate the power increases as well. It's also quiet when playing. Satisfied with this machine overall.

    great entry level sex machine

    We always wanted a sex machine. There are some really expensive ones out there . I figured out how much it would cost to build one and that was a lot of money too. Then I can upon the Hismith Automatic Masturbator Sex Machine with Multi-Speed Vibrating dildo. This is probably the least expensive one we have seen. I thought it would be some crappy device, but I was wrong. It is nice constructed. It is all black with a nice handle for carrying it around. There are 4 suction cups that can fold down to aid in it not moving while in use. I only have carpet in my house so that didn’t really help us lol. We just but a box behind it and that worked great. It is not quiet but not really that loud either. It comes with a pink dildo that is too soft in our opinion. It has a multi speed vibrator that runs off 2 AA batteries. You can articulate the whole sex machine to get the right height and angle you need. That is really important. We found if the angle is not perfect the machine has to work harder and can stop at slower speeds. Thrusting speed is controlled by a corded remote dial. The more you turn it up the faster it gets. Over all it Is a lot of fun for us and we are glad we have it.

    A must for any couple into forced orgasm play.

    I could not be more happy.
    It showed up on time, which a plus.
    It comes with a discreet carry bag(and is packaged very thoroughly and each piece is shrink wrapped in plastic).
    The machine is very simple to assemble and Un assemble when not being used.
    Cords are long enough to let you move it to where you want and give whatever person wants control the switch.
    The speeds are extremely nice as you can determine the depth and speed. From a shallow even flow to a deep pounding thrust.
    The bars are solid metal, which me and my wife we're able to use it on our mattress without it tipping over.
    The attaching penis is very realistic from the balls to the veins.
    It's flexible just enough to not jab when getting into it and moving her hips.
    I would recommend this to any one who wants to add any kink to their relationship without adding another person or anyone into edging/forced orgasm play.

    5 big stars

    I got it really fast and it goes together with no trouble. it took me about 20 minutes to set it up and figure out how to run this stud machine. then I gave it a test. oh ma gahhhhd, so frikin good. dildo is a nice size, not too big, not too small. the stroke of this hismith premium sex machine is really good and deep as ya want it. I tried doggy style first and this love robot rocks. baskin in the afterglow. get it now, so worth the cash if ya needin a little sometin sometin.

    Hismith prisbillig automatisk kneppemaskine til analsex med 5 3XLR dildoer

    Hismith prisbillig automatisk kneppemaskine til analsex med 5 3XLR dildoer