Hismith Rabat Sex Machine Bundle

Hismith Rabat Sex Machine Bundle

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  • 1 año de garantía, contamos con servicio al cliente profesional para resolver cualquier problema.
  • Paquete rentable con 5 accesorios de alta calidad
  • Motor potente y duradero, proporciona un empuje confiable de hasta 240 RPM
  • Longitud de carrera ajustable de 1,2 a 6 pulgadas (3 a 15 cm)
  • Ángulo y altura ajustables, disponibles para cualquier posición sexual
  • Motor muy silencioso, hace menos de 50dB de ruido a toda velocidad
  • Construcción sólida, permanece firmemente en su lugar mientras lo disfrutas en acción
  • Compatible con muchos accesorios premium, adecuados para hombres y mujeres

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£ 625.00

-£ 50.00

£ 675.00

62 . 62 £ 12.40.

Data sheet

Weight39 lb (13 kg)
MaterialStainless steel & ABS
Input110 V - 250 V / 50 - 60 HZ
OutputDC 24V/4.2A (safety voltage)
Motor max power100 W
Speed0-240 RPM
Torque300 N⋅cm
Stroke Length1.2-6 in (3-15 cm)
Noise30-50 dB
ConnectorKliclok connector
Remote control distance20 m
Package Size18.4 × 10.2 × 17.7 inches (46.8 × 26.0 × 44.9 cm)
Package Including1 x premium sex machine
1 x wired speed controller
1 x 8" (21 cm) silicone dildo
1 × 9.8" (25 cm) large silicone dildo
1 × 30 cm extension rod
1 × spring attachment
1 × VAC-U-LOCK Adapter

More info

Samlet set:

Motorstyrke (drejningsmoment): 100W, 300N.cm drejningsmoment | Slaglængde: 1,2-6” (3-15 cm) | Hastighed: 0-240 RPM | Vægt: 25 lbs (11,5 kg) | Garanti: 1 års maskine, 2 års motor | Justerbar højde / positioner: 90 grader + højde | Funktion: vaginal + analsex


1. Lang slaglængde: Med en justerbar slaglængde på 1,2 til 6 tommer (3 til 15 cm), kan du hurtigt justere den, så den passer til din spillestil ved at bruge låseskruen.

2. Kraftig motor: Motoren er både kraftfuld og holdbar, den pløjer gennem enhver modstand og giver pålidelig fremdrift, når du har mest brug for det. Med 100W, 300N.cm drejningsmoment og 0-240 RPM hastighed er du sikker på at nyde din tur.

3. Justerbar vinkel og højde: Med hurtig og nem justering af både højde (10-50cm) og vinkel (0-90 grader), kan du hurtigt indstille maskinen, så den rammer plet. Hurtig og nem montering betyder mere tid til leg og mindre tid til at bygge.

4. Meget stille: Det lave støjniveau på mindre end 50 dB betyder, at du kan slappe af og nyde vores maskiners meget stille natur. Selv ved fuld hastighed er motoren mere støjsvag end en HP-printer! Dine naboer er mere tilbøjelige til at høre dig i stedet for maskinen.

5. Robuste ben: Vores solide konstruktion giver en stabil platform med en vægt på over 4 kg. Det betyder, at din maskine forbliver på plads, mens du nyder den i aktion.

6. Præcis controller: Avanceret elektrisk kontrolsystem, vil lade dig justere hastigheden op eller ned jævnt og præcist. Med 10 hastighedsmønstre at nyde og en 20m plus fjernbetjeningsafstand giver dig flere spillemuligheder.

7. App-styret: Hismith opdaterede hardware og software denne gang, nu kan du nyde langdistancefunktionerne til at pifte tingene op ved at lade din partner styre dit legetøj, uanset hvor langt du er. Klik her for at lære mere om Hismith APP.

8. Tilføjelser: Dette bundt kommer med to silikonedildoer og tre adaptere, som kan passe direkte til maskinen. Og den samlede pris er meget mere økonomisk end at købe dem separat.

25 cm Realistic Full Silicone Dildo with Big Eggs
Kæmpe realistisk dildo
Længde: 9,8"/25 cm
Indsættes: 6,7"/17 cm
Diameter: 2,1"/5,4 cm

8 in (21 cm) Hismith Standard Medium Size Realistic Silicone Dildo

Standard realistisk dildo
Længde: 8,26"/21 cm
Indsættes: 6,3"/16 cm
Diameter: 1,77"/4,5 cm

Kliclok to Vac-U-Lock Adaptor for Hismith Sex Machines

Kliclok til Vac-U-Lock
Længde: 6,1"/15,5 cm
Diameter: 2,5 cm

Hismith Spring Attachment for Kliclok Sex Machines

Fjeder vedhæftning
Længde: 14,5 cm

30 cm Extension Rod for Hismith Premium Sex Machines with Kliclok System

Længde: 30 cm

9. Diskret og sikker pakke: Maskinen vil blive pakket i en brun æske uden noget følsomt indhold. Det putter sig inde i stift laserskåret emballageskum i lag. Dette holder alt sikkert på plads, samtidig med at det beskytter det på rejsen til dig og andre steder.

10. Forpligtelse af høj kvalitet: Vi giver 1 års garanti for maskinen og 2 års garanti for motoren. Alle maskiner er lavet af materialer af høj kvalitet og gennemgår strenge kvalitetsinspektioner, inden de sælges.

10/10 You need this…now!!! I promise!

25F here… just got my package today of this machine and it was simple to set up. The app bugs out quite a bit with partner remote play. The machine is very sturdy and is easily adjustable. The thrusting power levels exceeded my expectations. Truly, this machine sent my orgasms over the moon. I came very, very hard to the biggest dildo that came in my bundle. Cleanup is very easy. I am very pleased with this purchase and it was worth the price. The quality is superb. I am excited to explore more attachments. If you’ve been looking for a machine that thrusts a dildo plus so much more, this is what you should buy.

    Five Stars

    My wife absolutely loves this lil thing so I'm happy too!

      My wife enjoys this so much

      My wife enjoys this so much. It may be a little larger than normal didos but with lube you'll be fine. An awesome addition to our toy repertoire .



          Nice price!

          If you crave automated penetration then this is the tool for you! The flesh tone attachment is large and I didn't have enough lubrication my first try... You live, you learn. As with all penetration, just remember that with a lot of lube and determination anything will go anywhere!

            Good time

            Fun Ride! I just wish it came with more attachments that could be used, even if they had to be purchased separately.


              Wife absolutely loves this machine. She is sooooo hot watching her use this. It makes her really wet! ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!

                WORKS GREAT!

                First, Delivery was fast! Item was exactly as described and in new packaging. THEN; it is HALF THE PRICE AS MOST RETAILERS ONLINE!!! That's right HALF! And it works soooooooooooooooooooooooooo well. I love it!

                  Completely worth the money

                  If your looking for quality then look no further this thing is a power house! It’s a 5 min set up and then you are done. It is easy to take apart and store or simply slide it into the closet! It is heavy enough that while the motor is running that it does NOT move which is a problem I’ve had with other models. Over all I LOVE this product!

                    Worth every penny!!!

                    Absolutely worth every penny... Also after almost a year of use, a couple of parts needed to be replaced, I reached out and the customer service is top notch. If you are on the fence about purchasing this machine, you can rest assured you will not be disappointed!

                      Not bad, powerful, and well built

                      Well built piece of equipment. Excellent price point too. Be careful how the cords are routed, The control wire can get tangled in the mechanism. The accessories are pricy, but if your handy, you don’t need them.

                        The best machine

                        One of the best for a good price

                          Your girl will love every time u get it out for her

                          Your girl will love every time u get it out for her ..num 1 sex toy for couples.. no sleep at night just orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

                            AMAZING.....hands down

                            this is a good machine, well built, easy to assemble , easy to change positions, quiet, powerful and amazing. Well worth your money.
                            Come with a standard small dildo but you can get the vac doc attachment for your other bigger toys.
                            Go buy this if you really want a well worth machine, hands down.

                              Five Stars

                              All I can say is wow!!! I wish the dildo that came with it was a bit bigger, so I bought a bigger one and it worked great with the machine!
                              The only issue is the rod that is attached to the motor and the forward arm is held in place by adjustable screws and will come unscrew. So like the reviewer with the picture suggested, add two lubricated washers and that will prevent the nut from unscrewing.

                                i love this machine!

                                I just want to start by saying this is my first machine and I'm SO glad I spent the extra money! I looked at the reviews of some cheaper machines but they made me nervous and this is so worth the extra cost. If you are on the fence about buying one, look no further! The package came just as I was about to leave for work so I rushed home right after to put my new toy together. The first thing I want to say is that it's heavy. No need for suction cups because it stands very well on it's own. I shook it around quite a bit before using it to see how stable it is and it took a bit of shaking to even move it side to side. It didn't move at all the same way it thrusts. When I opened the box I found the machine comes in a very nice carrying case with foam that fits all of the pieces. VERY easy to put together with simple instructions to follow. The dildo is easy to attach and there are tons of attachments you can buy sperately. It has a nice long stroke and even works well on low speed. I managed to get it up to 60 out of 100 and boy did it make my legs shake but the machine didn't move at all! (Used on carpet.) I really look forward to using this while my boyfriend is away for the military. Happy thrusting and remember the lube. ;-)

                                  Easy assembly, well worth the money for what it offers.

                                  I put it together, without instructions correctly within 10 min. Very easy. Once set up, I tested it out with 2 different dildos, all different lengths. The elastic bands provide adequate bounce for you, but you can certainly control the depth of penetration too.

                                    Comfortable and easy to control.

                                    My husband purchased this as a suprise gift. I love this! We have been looking for something similar but nothing else was quite right. This product allows you to sit comfortably and control the speed and depth of penetration with your feet. What a grand modern world we live in.

                                    Also must mention how fantastic it is as a couple tool. I can sit and my husband can comfortably eat my goods for hours. If you were looking for something to spice things up a bit this will definitely kick things up a gear, or 5

                                      worth every penny!

                                      A little tricky to assemble, which is my only complaint. Otherwise, very solid and fun. Highly recommend!


                                        Best money I have spent on my toy collection! Wish I had this years ago. The assembly instructions are a little confusing but once it makes sense, it’s easy. Totally worth every cent!

                                          Wife loves it

                                          Wife loves it, I gave it to her for Mothers Day. Use a lot of lube but let the machine do the work.

                                            You are spreadeagled & positioned

                                            i was strapped to one of these about six weeks ago and am still getting over it. i have been looking for one ever since and will add one to my playroom today! The control and sensations are the best that you can hope for.

                                              Hismith will make you high


                                                Power at your command

                                                I love this thing. Takes some practice. But will blow your mind regularly.


                                                  Worked fantastic. Nice a quiet and also powerful. It did the job at low speeds and high speeds. Wife loved it. I made it a surprise as I slid it out of the closet. I definitely recommend it. The dildo it comes with is a nice medium size one. Quality piece though.

                                                    Heavy Duty Well Made

                                                    This is absolutely worth the price! Well made and heavy so not a flimsy device. Just make sure everything is tight before you start his engine!


                                                      Have only had it for a week now, used it 3 times with my wife and it has worked perfectly. The wife loves it so far. I will give an update in a few months after more use.

                                                        Like most people

                                                        Like most people, I think, I don't like to go through a lot of trouble setting up for a sexual experience. With this machine all necessary adjustments can be done quickly and pretty much effortlessly. The slower speed setting are very quiet, and I don't worry about the device burning out on me. The toy that came with the device was somehow a bit too firm for me, but it is a good starter size.

                                                          overall good

                                                          can be adjusted to a variety of positions. Piston stroke length easily adjustable and stays at set depth reliably(very important). Power cord is so so quality however, so 4 stars. Machine does need oil after a few uses, so read the instructions.


                                                            Echt Gut,
                                                            auch nach knap einem jahr benutzung Läuft die maschine immer noch sehr gut und sie ist top!
                                                            Lieferung war schnell, der zusammenbau der maschine ist einfach und leicht!
                                                            Und es gibt keine Probleme oder Pomlikationen!
                                                            Zu empfehlen!

                                                              Hismith Rabat Sex Machine Bundle

                                                              Hismith Rabat Sex Machine Bundle